Finally playing with the raspberry pi

It’s been a long week of finals and a week of studying for finals, happy to say that they went extraordinarily well. Right before finals I got a Raspberry Pi and only played with it a little bit before I had to lock it in the closet and resist all urge to play with it while I focused on studying.

Happy to say that today my son and I got to play with it a bit and learn how the GPIO pins work as well as some other technical parts.

I put together a couple of LEDs on a breadboard and wired it up, then I put some music onto a USB stick and mounted it on the pi. After this I wrote a little python script to play an audio file and control the LEDs in sync with the music (mostly).

I utilized the pygame¬†package for the audio playback and Rpi.GPIO for controlling the GPIO pins. Here’s a little video of the results. I won’t be writing up a detailed instruction on this as it is really just a way for me to get orientated with the GPIO pins and using them with python.

My son makes an appearance at the end. Enjoy!